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GB-191003409-A: Valve for Water Pipes and the like. patent, GB-191004735-A: An Improved Fireplace. patent, GB-191005770-A: Improvements appertaining to or connected with the Pattern Mechanism of Looms for Weaving. patent, GB-191006717-A: A Steel Covering for Motor Tyres. patent, GB-191009065-A: Improvements in Lathing and Wall Linings. patent, GB-191010320-A: Improvements in or relating to the Manufacture of Celluloid. patent, GB-191013869-A: Improvements in Steam Generators. patent, GB-191014787-A: An Apparatus for Knocking Up or Straightening Sheets or the like as they are Delivered from Printing Machines or the like. patent, GB-191014809-A: An Improved Metal Casement for Money Boxes of Gas Meters. patent, GB-191015170-A: Improvements in Alternating Current Electric Meters. patent, GB-191017066-A: Improvements in Inflating Valves for Pneumatic Tyres. patent, GB-191017277-A: Improvements in or relating to Lighting Plants and Apparatus. patent, GB-191019679-A: Process for Manufacturing Oxalic Acid and other Organic Acids as well as other Oxygenated Products of Carbon with Recuperation of the Alkalies Employed, by the use of Superheated Steam, under Pressure. patent, GB-191021353-A: Improvements in connection with Bolster and Pillow Cases. patent, GB-191021931-A: Process of Providing Worn Out Fish Plates with New Contact Surfaces. patent, GB-191022793-A: Improvements in and relating to Built Up Wood Bodies and the Method of Manufacture thereof. patent, GB-191022834-A: An Improved Fuel Briquette and a Process for the Manufacture thereof. patent, GB-191022975-A: Improvements in or relating to Gymnastic Apparatus. patent, GB-191024184-A: Improvements in Broaching or Drifting Tools. patent, GB-191025072-A: Improvements relating to Spring-mattresses. patent, GB-191026960-A: Improvements in or relating to Flying Machines. patent, GB-191100142-A: Improvements in the Electrical Purification of Gases and Apparatus therefor. patent, GB-191100458-A: Improvements in and relating to Supporting Parallel Vises. patent, GB-191101025-A: Improvements in Weighing Apparatus. patent, GB-191101100-A: Improvements in and relating to Thermo-electric Temperature Measuring Apparatus. patent, GB-191101716-A: Improvements in Apparatus or Devices for Climbing Masts, Poles and the like. patent, GB-191103368-A: Improvements in or relating to Rulers. patent, GB-191103581-A: Improved Propeller and Fan. patent, GB-191103659-A: Improvements in Moulding Boxes for Foundry Use. patent, GB-191103929-A: Apparatus for use in Treating Patients with Fracture of the Upper Part of the Leg or Thigh, Patients who have Undergone an Operation on the Hip Joint, and those who have Undergone an Operation on the Abdomen. patent, GB-191104158-A: Manufacture of Acidylated Sulphurised Anthraquinone Derivatives. patent, GB-191106961-A: Improvements in or relating to Track Brakes for Tramway and like Vehicles. patent, GB-191107432-A: Improvements in or relating to Metal Tubes, Masts or Tubular Supports. patent, GB-191109340-A: Improvements appertaining to Water Tubes and Flues of Steam Generators. patent, GB-191110133-A: Improved Machine for Scouring Tin Plates and other Metal Sheets. patent, GB-191115989-A: Improvements in Change Speed Gears for Motor Vehicles. patent, GB-191116066-A: Improvements in Mountings for Eye-glasses, Spectacles and the like. patent, GB-191116544-A: Improvements in Means for Converting Reciprocating into Rotary Motion and vice versa applicable to Engines Pumps and the like. patent, GB-191118666-A: Improvements in Catoptric Apparatus for Lighthouses and the like. patent, GB-191118970-A: Match Igniter for Cyclists or Motor Cyclists and the like. patent, GB-191120416-A: A Self-acting Mechanical Lock for Rail-way Carriage Doors and the like. patent, GB-191122816-A: Improvements in or relating to Screw Making Machines. patent, GB-191123336-A: Improvements in and relating to Ventilators. patent, GB-191125254-A: Improvements in & relating to the Eyes of Dolls, Lay Figures and the like. patent, GB-191125314-A: Micrometer Measuring Attachment for use in Reading Scales. patent, GB-191129070-A: Improvements in False Bottom Strainer Plates. patent, GB-191129129-A: Improvements in the Manufacture of Metal Tubing. patent, GB-191200483-A: Improvements in or relating to Airships or Aeroplanes or the like. patent, GB-191201289-A: A New or Improved Device for Instruction in the Art of Milking. patent, GB-191201683-A: Improvements in and relating to Nuts and Bolts, and the like. patent, GB-191201758-A: Improvements in or relating to Extinguishers for Lamp Burners. patent, GB-191202729-A: Improvements in or relating to Blocking in Gold and other Metallic Leaf, and Presses therefor. patent, GB-191203448-A: Four Cylinder Flat-bed Web Printing and Perfecting Machine. patent, GB-191203661-A: Improvements in Apparatus for Filtering, and Condensing Moisture from, Flue Gases and the like. patent, GB-191205127-A: Improvements in Weighing and Selecting Apparatus, More Especially Intended for use with Packeting Machines. patent, GB-191205909-A: Improved Appliance for Playing a Game of Skill. patent, GB-191207496-A: Improvements in Hat-linings, Bandeaus, and similar Articles. patent, GB-191208011-A: A New and Improved Outlet or Faucet for Motor Spirit and Oil Cans. patent, GB-191211401-A: Improvements in Ticket Printing Appliances. patent, GB-191212549-A: Improvements in Textile Continuous Storing Apparatus. patent, GB-191213496-A: Improvements in Apparatus for Projecting Fire Extinguishing or other Powder. patent, GB-191217201-A: A Process for Canning Scrapple. patent, GB-191220194-A: Improvements in or relating to Cellular Tyres. patent, GB-191220659-A: Electric Lamp for Light Projections. patent, GB-191221953-A: Improvements in and relating to Fluid Meters. patent, GB-191225097-A: Improvements in or relating to Screening Apparatus. patent, GB-191226540-A: Improvements in Machines for Thickening Paper Pulp. patent, GB-191227312-A: Improvements in Electrical Devices for the Distant Transmission of Positions. patent, GB-191239-A: Improvements in and relating to tide operated air compressors patent, GB-191300061-A: Improvements in and relating to Steam Superheaters. patent, GB-191300114-A: Improvements in Securing Hammer Heads or like Tools or Implements Affixed to or on Wooden Shafts. patent, GB-191300939-A: Process and Device for the Manufacture of Hollow Reinforced Concrete Masts. patent, GB-191302322-A: Improvements in Two Stroke Cycle Internal Combustion Engines. patent, GB-191302507-A: Improvements in Telephone Receivers. patent, GB-191302630-A: Improvements in Adjustable Wrenches. patent, GB-191304099-A: Improvements in Appliances for Removing Detachable Flanges of Wheel Rims. patent, GB-191306943-A: Improvements in or relating to Photographic Processes for Producing Designs on Printing Surfaces. patent, GB-191307920-A: Improvements in Wax Stencils for use in connection with Copying or Duplicating Machines. patent, GB-191308184-A: Process for Producing Mixed Disazo- or Polyazodyestuffs. patent, GB-191309529-A: Improvements in Apparatus for Expanding or Stretching Cloth. patent, GB-191309709-A: Improvements in or relating to Animal Traps. patent, GB-191309785-A: Improvements in Printer's Plate Holding Devices. patent, GB-191310831-A: Improvements in Drop Stamps or Hammers. patent, GB-191310910-A: Improvements in or relating to Golf Clubs. patent, GB-191311382-A: Improved Butt-hinge and Method of Manufacturing the same. patent, GB-191313083-A: Improvements in or relating to Pencil Lead Sharpeners. patent, GB-191314469-A: Improvements in or relating to Automatic Weighing Apparatus. patent, GB-191315468-A: Improved Game Apparatus. patent, GB-191316380-A: Improvements in Adjusting and Supporting Means for the Stretched Threads of Electric Measuring and Indicating Apparatus. patent, GB-191316563-A: Improvements in Ink-ribbon Mechanism for Typewriters. patent, GB-191316949-A: Improvements in or relating to Brushes. patent, GB-191317806-A: Improvements in and relating to Detachable Wheels. patent, GB-191317998-A: Improved Opaqueing Agents for the Production of White Enamels, and Improved Process for the Manufacture of such Opaqueing Agents. patent, GB-191318059-A: Improvements in or relating to Reversing and Speed Varying Mechanism for the Transmission of Power from Motors. patent, GB-191319191-A: Improvements in the Method of, and Apparatus for, Producing Cement and the like from Blast Furnace Slag and like Smelting Products. patent, GB-191319593-A: Improvements in or relating to Washing Boards. patent, GB-191319827-A: Improvements in Carriers for use on Cycles, Motor Cycles, and the like. patent, GB-191321398-A: Improvements relating to Vapour Burners for Stoves. patent, GB-191322181-A: An Improved Appliance for Scoring Points at Bridge and similar Games. patent, GB-191322816-A: Discharge Tube with Incandescent Cathode and Enclosed Vapour-forming Body. patent, patent, patent, patent, 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